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– No more words needed.

Luca G.
Private household

Fast and clean

The new system InTheWall does not only save me time but also my nerves. Going there – pulling out – vacuuming – clean.

Patricia R.
Private household

Application: Car garage

  • Operators 3
  • Inlet valves 1 InTheWall


I have my Disan central vacuum cleaner for more than 25 years now and I would never give it up. It cleans and cleans and it does it silently. It sure was not the cheapest but i would choose it again.

Otto F.
Private household

In Disan we trust

It’s been years since we started reselling Disan products and complaints from our customers are very rare. Our customers are satisfied and so are we.

Greg K.

Application: Library


No more need to wipe dust!

Petra A.
Private household

Disan makes the difference

We live in a house with three floors - laminate flooring and carpet. No problem for our central vaccum cleaning system made by Disan. Everything is clean in no time.

Vito S.
Private household

Application: Hotel


Satisfied Customer

Recently my Disan central vacuum cleaner stopped working. I contacted Disan and in no time I could vacuum again.

Jim B.
Private household