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I miss Disan

Recently I moved and I realized how nice it is to have a Disan central vacuum cleaner. In my new apartment I have to use a “normal” vacuum cleaner and I’ve started to miss Disan.

Nia D.
Private household

Application: Manufacturer

  • Operators 8

Application: Church

  • Operators 6

Satisfied Customer

Recently my Disan central vacuum cleaner stopped working. I contacted Disan and in no time I could vacuum again.

Jim B.
Private household

Nice atmosphere

Since we build our new headquarter we now own a Disan Central vacuum cleaner. The resulting clean air does the effect – our employees are a lot more relaxed.

Louis O.

Even after years

It’s been many years since I started using my Disan central vacuum cleaner and I seriously don’t know what I’d do without it.

Barbara G.
Private household


A very powerful and quiet central vacuum cleaner

Monika L.
Private household

Expert advice

For any kind of request, I can contact Disan directly. I am given advise by experts and can easily do my job.

Marius L.

Application: Car garage

  • Operators 3
  • Inlet valves 1 InTheWall