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– No more words needed.

Luca G.
Private household

I think that central vacuum cleaners are fantastic and I recommend them.

Chen Zhao
Private household

In Disan we trust

It’s been years since we started reselling Disan products and complaints from our customers are very rare. Our customers are satisfied and so are we.

Greg K.

Application: Mosque

  • Surface 4800m2

Easy to get

Easy to use

Just wow

Piero S.
Private household

I am totally excited!

Extremely effective and extremely silent. Our Disan central vacuum cleaner satisfies in every environment. I was really left speechless.

Stefano V.
Private household

Satisfied Customer

Recently my Disan central vacuum cleaner stopped working. I contacted Disan and in no time I could vacuum again.

Jim B.
Private household

I miss Disan

Recently I moved and I realized how nice it is to have a Disan central vacuum cleaner. In my new apartment I have to use a “normal” vacuum cleaner and I’ve started to miss Disan.

Nia D.
Private household

Application: Church

  • Operators 6

Fast and clean

The new system InTheWall does not only save me time but also my nerves. Going there – pulling out – vacuuming – clean.

Patricia R.
Private household