The Enterprise

We – the DISAN-Team – want people to feel at ease when they are at home. We want to prevent that their free time is being spent with time consuming housework instead of being used for the family and for their social lives.

Even more than that, we think that it is our job to use our technology to create better living- and working environments.
By the use of that technology it is possible to achieve higher hygiene standards in private but also in public facilities. Those standards meet all requirements and demands.

The company’s development:

The company Disan is mainly developing, producing and selling central vacuum systems and all the required components.

Even before Disan was founded, Kurt and Monika Sanftl were working with central vacuum systems and recognized the potential of this innovative cleaning technology.

In 2000 Disan moved into the new headquarter in the commercial area of northern Bolzano. The building contains enough office-space, exhibition and meeting rooms as well as storage and production rooms.
Around two dozens of dedicated employees develop and produce central vacuum cleaning systems for clients in 37 countries in the world.

The new possibilities regarding organization and business, the power of ideas, the dynamics of a committed team and motivated installation experts are the best requirements for finding solutions for satisfied customers.