Thorough removal

Disan central vacuum systems thoroughly and permanently remove dust and dirt particles from your living space. Other cleaning systems often remove only part of it and blow the rest back into the room. What's worse is that conventional vacuum cleaners offer an ideal habitat for germs and mold spores, which then get into the air in your room.

How a central vacuum system works

Cleaning is carried out with a conveniently optimized central vacuum hose and high quality central vacuum parts such as brushes, suction lances and nozzles. You connect your central vacuum hose to the wall inlets and can begin your high performance cleaning. The wall inlets are connected via a PVC pipe system to a central unit kept in another room (garage, cellar or attic for example). The air extracted by the central vacuum system goes outside through the exhaust duct. The few particles that manage to escape the optimally-sized filter chamber of the central vacuum system are also expelled into the open, where they are harmless.

The central vacuum hose is available in different sizes and generally just one or two are needed per floor in order to sufficiently clean all rooms. Disan also offers a built-in system called "InTheWall", which has a fixed hose that is stored in the wall, ready for use.

And best of all: central vacuum systems cost less than you'd think if they are installed during the construction or renovation process. But retro-fitting in an existing building is also generally uncomplicated and not too invasive. We often install in existing buildings for families with allergies.

Conventional vacuum cleaners are no alternative

It is difficult to even begin comparing the cleaning performance of a central vacuum system to that of a conventional vacuum cleaner, given how loud and cumbersome the latter are and that they are often lacking in how much they actually clean.

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