As you attach the central vacuum hose to the inlet of the vacuum system you will hear a slight hiss. You can continue your meetings or work and sleep will not be disturbed whilst cleaning is underway. Conventional vacuum cleaners are generally quite loud and make a high frequency sound.
The central vacuum unit carries out its functions in an adjacent room and can even be muffled if necessary, without affecting the way it works.

The incredibly low noise level of central vacuum cleaners means they can be used around the clock.

Comfort helps to motivate staff

The high level of comfort and cleanliness in the work place that a central vacuum system achieves is motivating for your staff. They will have the feeling of being appreciated for the important job they do every day.

Ergonomics and safety at work become more and more important

Conventional vacuum cleaners are awkward to use, need maintenance and are generally loud. The suction power reduces when the dust bag is full and people often even forget to change it. Reduced suction power also means that the same place has to be gone over more than once. This costs time and speeds up the wear and tear of the vacuum cleaner.

Portable vacuum cleaners need to be carried around. This often leads to walls and furniture being banged and damaged, whilst cables lie around when in use, causing a tripping hazard. Moreover, conventional vacuum cleaners emit unpleasant smells and fill the air with germs and mold spores, which breed in their dust containers. This is a health hazard not only for the person using the vacuum cleaner, but also for anyone else using the rooms.

Disan central vacuum systems are nothing but an advantage. Want to bet?

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