Central vacuum systems can only be of advantage

Whether at home, at the office, or in commercial spaces or buildings a central vacuum system is the ideal solution for maintaining tip-top hygiene conditions and a high level of comfort.

Installation in buildings under construction or renovation is simple and easy and the cleaning performance of the in-wall vacuum system is unsurpassed. A device is installed in an adjacent room along with a suction duct that eliminates even the smallest of particles by exporting them to outside of the building.

Low costs thanks to amazing durability

The initial higher cost layout for a Disan central vacuum system is compensated for in the longer term through the durability of the product. All components of the product operate in an ideal way due to the optimal size of the units. Disan central vacuum systems are quality products, made in Europe from carefully selected and scrupulously tested components.


Properties that have a central vacuum system installed are generally valued at a significantly higher sales or rental price. 


No contest – conventional vacuum cleaners

It is difficult to even begin comparing the cleaning performance of a central vacuum system with that of a conventional vacuum cleaner, given how loud and cumbersome the latter are and that they are often lacking in how much they actually clean. The main problem with the conventional vacuum cleaner, however, is the dust they re-expel into the room or building they are supposed to be cleaning. This dust contains mites and mite excretion, germs and mold spores. Vacuum cleaners are an ideal habitat and breeding ground for mites.

Anyone that has ever come into contact with central vacuum systems admit: central vacuum systems can only be of advantage. 

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