Central vacuum systems are long-lasting 

Due to the fact that central vacuum systems are fixed and do not need to be moved, they can be installed in such a way that all parts and components have enough room to be able to function in an optimal manner. Disan exclusively uses materials of the highest quality from leading manufacturers. In this way, constant high performance, optimal conditions for the motor and filter and durability of all components can be guaranteed. 

Disan - quality manufacturer 

Disan is a European quality manufacturer of central vacuum systems for household and commercial use. Its products are distributed world-wide. With thirty years of experience at manufacturing vacuum units the company has been able to optimize the in-wall vacuum systems for households thanks to its know-how in the commercial sector, in which Disan is among the market and technology leaders. 

Little maintenance

It is sufficient to empty the central dust container now and then and, if you have a model with filter bags, to change these. Most central vacuum systems require no filter bags and use cardboard or polyester filter cartridges. These just need occasionally emptying or brushing out and they can continue to be used for a long time. 

The pipe system is concealed and also needs very little maintenance. It could, however, be the case after a long period of operation (depending on the type of wall inlet and how it has been used) that a flap may have been damaged or a spring broken. These central vacuum parts can, if necessary, quickly and easily be replaced.  

High quality parts

Disan central vacuum accessories are of the highest quality. As we produce many large-scale, in-wall vacuum systems, we are able to carry out tests on brushes, suction lances and nozzles in very challenging circumstances. Therefore, we have a range of high quality central vacuum parts available. 

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