The Disan central vacuum system will remove dust and dirt particles permanently from your home or office. An optimally–sized filter will suck up the dust and dirt and an exhaust system will take it to the outside of the building, where it is harmless.

Everything wrong with conventional vacuum cleaners

Filter bags and dust collection containers of conventional vacuum cleaners are ideal habitats for mites. Mold spores form on mite excretion particles, which are blown out of the vacuum cleaner into the living space, exactly where cleaning is supposed to take place.

When you turn your vacuum cleaner on you can smell it. And in doing so you are already inhaling germs and spores...

There are various special filter technologies for vacuum cleaners, which if used under ideal conditions can lead to acceptable cleaning results. However, these vacuums have to be constructed in such a way that the suction power is reduced when used often.

People with allergies swear by central vacuum systems

For people that take particular care over cleaning or suffer from allergies, a central vacuum system offers the best guarantee of cleanliness and hygiene, as none of the extracted air is blown back into the living space. No other vacuum cleaner can guarantee that. The constant high level of performance and optimal operating conditions make the Disan central vacuum system unbeatable in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and power.

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