Clean up more quickly

The central vacuum hose that is connected via wall inlets and a PVC pipe system to the central vacuum unit is carried along in a standard cleaning trolley and can be attached to whichever wall inlet is nearest. Constant powerful suction is immediately available. This is obviously much quicker and easier than carrying around a portable vacuum cleaner.

Having a constant, high-power of suction guarantees that only a single passage over any surface is ever needed. In this way, cleaning becomes much quicker and gentler.

Clean up more cheaply

Conventional vacuum cleaners need a high level of maintenance and are more complex to handle than Disan central vacuum systems, which are more durable and need very little maintenance. The optimal tuning of all components and their ideal operating conditions within an installed system are a guarantee of durability and, therefore, of cost-effective running.

Clean up more efficiently

When it comes to hygiene standards, central vacuum systems are a cut above any other type of vacuum cleaning systems. Alongside the shorter cleaning time needed and longer durability, these in-wall vacuums are an unbeatable option for efficient and cost-effective cleaning in commercial buildings and spaces.

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