Zentralstaubssauganlage Disan EF125i
  • Modular

  • EF125IE
  • Central Vacuum System - EF125IE
  • Central Vacuum System Disan EF125IE for commercial or industrial use and 5 +1 simultaneous users
    • How many simultaneous users: 6 users

Simultaneous users: 6

“Modular” is the name of the product line of Disan central vacuum cleaners for industrial use (for example hotels, spa, industries, factories and companies).

The central vacuum cleaner EF125IE is equipped with inverter and allows up to 6 simultanous operators. That means that for example in a hotel facility 6 members of the cleaning staff can connect the flexible hose to the inlet and clean at the same time.

The Disan Modular line guarantees durability, constant high suction power and easy handling in the industrial sector. Central vacuum systems by Disan clean fast, thoroughly and efficiently.

  • one silenced SIEMENS turbine with three-phase side channel motor without transmission, secured on a metal frame
  • electronic inverter for continuous modulation of the frequency from 34 to 84 Hertz with electromagnetic shielding of type B (for applications within the private and the industrial sector)
  • cyclonic dust separator in steel, painted with epoxy powder, secured on a metal frame
  • filter chamber equipped with industrial-conceived star filter made of special polyester cloth with high withholding properties
  • deflector for the mechanical-gravitational separation of dust
  • dirt receptacle on wheels with disposable plastic bags and cushioned fasteners
  • safety and compensation valves, arranged for pressure compensation system in the dust bag
  • automatic self-cleaning filter device through programmable shaking device
  • electric control box with IP55 safety degree
  • realized in accordance with CEI norms
  • low-voltage (12 V) outlet and equipped with electric chart for linkage
  • Ø100 metal muffl er for low noise level
  • connections for correct linkage to the piping network and all other parts and accessories for the professional setting of the system

Nominal motor power Kw 7,5@50Hz
Electrical absorption max Kw 8,65@60Hz
Electrical absorption min Kw 4,49@34Hz
Voltage requirement V 380-400
Suction power max mbar 360 inch H2O 144"
Airflow max m3/h 1.264 CFM 709
Airflow @ 140 mbar m3/h 840 CFM@56"610
Filter chamber capacity l 210 gallons 55
Dirt receptacle capacity l 125 gallons 28
Filter surface cm2 45.000 sq. inch 5,425
Motor weight kg 185 pound 407
Motor dimensions cm 59,5x65x96 inch 26,5x26,4x38,1
Separator weight kg 105 pound 231
Separator dimensions cm 80x72x160 inch 63x31x28
Sound level dB 71

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