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Super Compact Turbo 4.5 Kw

Super Compact Zentralstaubsauger Disan 6408
Super Compact Turbo 4.5 Kw

Item number:6408

Central vacuum system Super Compact Turbo 4.5 Kw



The Compact product line consists of four central vacuums, which are similar in their structure and accessories. Nevertheless, the motor power is different and the possible simultaneous operators change too.

The Super Compact Turbo 4,5 central vacuum cleaner with a motor power of about 4,5 kW and two simultaneous operators is the most powerful one of the four Compact central vacuums. 

The Disan Compact line guarantees durability, constant high suction power  and easy handling in the private and industrial sector (hotels, industries, factories and many others). Central vacuum systems by Disan clean fast, thoroughly and efficiently. 



  • in steel painted in epoxy powder with three-phase turbine
  • powered by induction (without brushes)
  • side channel without transmission and with magnetic-thermal motor safety switch
  • electronic inverter for steady control of turbine performance
  • removable dust container
  • built-in 12 Volt inlets
  • control and vacuum gauge
  • manual filter shaking device
  • built-in utility valve
  • double-cyclone pre-filter chamber
  • control panel
  • industrial filter of special cloth with high withholding performance
  • connections for linkage at piping network
  • CE certification and IP54 safety degree


Central vacuum cleaner Super Compact Turbo 4,5 Pdf


Made in Italy

How many simultaneous users
How many simultaneous users: 2 users
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Voltage requirement 380 - 400 Volt
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