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  • Inlet Valves Majestic - SD512

The "Majestic" line of Disan inlet valves is extremely resistent even to frequent use of the central vacuum cleaner. It is available in various colours and therefore adapts to either professional or living spaces perfectly.

Once the flexible hose with accessories is connected to the inlet valve, you can profit from the high suction power of a Disan system which you won't want to miss anymore.

If requested, all inlet valves can be varnished in your prefered color.

Majestic inlet valves with pin-jacks:

Majestic - white -- codex SD512
Majestic - beige -- codex SD512B
Majestic - polished gold -- codex SD512MG
Majestic - nickel chrome -- codex SD512MN
Majestic - polished silver -- codex SD512MS
Majestic - satin grey -- codex SD512MM

Majestic inlet valves with microswitch:

Majestic - white -- codex SD510

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