Klimahaus Partner - Certificate

Disan is the first and so far only manufacturer of central vacuum cleaners which achieved the KlimaHaus Partner certificate. This certificate assures that all Disan products are compliant with the newest passive house standards. Passive house is a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, reducing its ecological footprint. Klimahaus-Partner-Zentralstaubsauger-Disan


ISO - Certification

From December 2002 DISAN gets from TUV the certification ISO 9001/2000: from the planning of the products to the selling of the products, all the activities of the company are based on this quality management.


Single and three-phase central vacuum cleaners

All the central vacuum units of the Disan range are CE certified and so in accordance with the electric security and the electromagnetic compatibility. 

Certifications are available for each central unit. Furhtermore many national certification awards have been obtained by our distributors. 

A selected range of product is available also with the CSA-UL certification.



Standard PVC Tubes and Fittings

Solid, fire proof PVC tubes and fittings, in blue color, type UNI 301, for the dust removal and air diversion according to the requirements of IIP mark based on the UNI 7443 norm + F.A. 178.Disan-Central-vacuum-system-certification


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