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Here you see a short list about some of our best jobs in the world


BMW WeltIn 2008 Disan installed a central vacuum system in the new BMW plants in Munich, where is located the R&D department and manufacture of F1 cars. In particular are equipped with central vacuum all the “white rooms”, the labs and the offices.
The central unit is a CD125i for 4 simultaneous users.

Vincci Seleccion Buena VistaTenerife SPAIN

Vincci Seleccion Buena VistaThe Vincci Selección Buena Vista Golf&Spa Hotel has been fully realized with our CVS in Canary Island in the summer 2009. This central vacuum is powered with two H02-125 for 16 simultaneous users.
The further inlet valve is placed right 170 meters far from machinery rooms, but vacuum is optimal even in such remote rooms!

Hotel Chang Fu GongBeijing CHINA

Hotel Chang Fu GongHotel Chang Fu Gong, also called New Otani in the Japanese version, is an important hotel in Beijing downtown. In 2005 it has been restructured and a central vacuum system has been installed for the daily cleaning, then in 2008 in a further refurbishing was extended.
During a visit in 2010 we made a short video: click here

Technical data of the system:
  • surface of 19.900 m²,
  • 2 central units Mod. D02-125,
  • 1 central unit Mod. F03-125,
  • 20 operators working simultaneously,
  • 320 inlet valves.


Rolex SAIn 2004 the Rolex SA was building a new productive unite in the surrounding of Genève. Completed in 2006 the building consists of 2 twin towers of 12 floors each.

Technical data of central vacuum:
  • 41.000 m² surface, 
  • 8 units Mod EF125i and
  • 1 unit Mod CD125i (for panoramic restaurant on the top)
  • 52 simultaneous users, 
  • 6.000 meters of pipes
  • 592 inlet valves, which 496 floor inlet and 96 wall inlets

House of MusicMoscow RUSSIA

House of MusicThe prestigious theatre, equipped in 2002, is part of the Red Hill Cultural Centre, lies in the beautiful scenery of the Moscova banks.

Technical data of the system:
  • surface of 48.000 m²,
  • 3 units Mod. F03-125,
  • 1700mt of steel pipes,
  • 18 operators working simultaneously,
  • 220 inlet valves.

Wonkwang HospitalSeoul SOUTH KOREA

Wonkwang HospitalThe Wonkwang University Hospital in Iksan was equipped in 2009 with 290 inlets on the 13 floors and 2 central units Mod. H02-125.
In 2010 in occasion of an inspection we tested the regular operation and made some improving.

House of CommonsOttawa CANADA

House of CommonsThe print shop of the House of Commons in the Canadian capital city was awarded to Disan in 2009 for a central vacuum.
The central unit is a Super Compact 6408AFu, with special finishing finally approved by the ESA Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario in 2010.

Grand Hotel Savoia

Cortina ITALY

Grand Hotel SavoiaThis is an historical hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo, opened still in 1912.
After a long refurbishment the Grand Hotel reopened its doors in 2009, powered by a central vacuum with an F03-125 and a CD125i, with 214 inlet valves and 10 simultaneous users.

Royal PalaceKuala Lumpur MALAYSIA

Royal PalaceThe Royal Palace Istana Negara is a four-storey Palace with exactly 544 inox inlet valves, projected with CVS in 2008 and then powered in 2010 with 2 units H02-175 and one 6408 from our local distributor Blondal.

Green Park PendikIstanbul TURKEY

Green Park PendikThe Green Park Hotel Pendik is, as we know, the largest hotel equipped with a central vacuum system in the world: Total vacuumed area is 165.000 square meter.
All 5 stars 550 suites and the many ballrooms are powered by 11 central units EF125i for the stunning simultaneous rate of 66 simultaneous users!
The hotel was inaugurated for the Formula 1 Gran Prix of Turkey in 2010

Ismaili CenterDubai UAE

Ismaili CenterThe Ismaili Center is a cultural centers belonging to His Highness Aga Kahn.
It was one of the first commercial installation performed in UAE, in 2005. Since then the central vacuum in Dubai had a rapid diffusion.
The system was made with a C03-100 unit and about 180 inlet valves.

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