Clinics & Hospitals

In some countries, for the stated reduction of the polluting air agents, the central vacuum inside the hospitals is a standard equipment

Kaiser Permanente HospitalSan Diego,CA USA

Kaiser Permanente HospitalIn 2010 a special central vacuum system powered by a Super Compact Turbo was installed in a section of this Hospital.
On this wave, there will be another Disan system for a similar hospital of the same chain in Portland.

ASL Public Medical CenterCadore ITALY

ASL Public Medical CenterIn 2007 the “Centro Socio Sanitario Distrettuale del Cadore” which is the local public hospital was equipped with 2 systems with Disan Mod. C03-125

Terme di ComanoTrentino ITALY

Terme di ComanoInaugurated in June 2004, with a double Disan system F03-125 and D02-125.

Botkina HospitalMoscow RUSSIA

Botkina HospitalIn the new Hospital of Bodkin, the whole surfaces of 90.000 sqm are vacuumed with 3 units of Disan H02-125, 493 valves, 24 operators simultaneously.

VOSMAnnapolis,MD USA

VOSMThe complete name of this hospital for animal is “ Veterinary Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Group”.
A central vacuum DISAN model CD125u was installed here in 2008.

Villa San LorenzoStoro ITALY

Villa San LorenzoSince 10 years a D02-125 for 4 users is install in this public local hospital.

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