Central vacuum

A central vacuum is the only system to get completely rid of all micro-dust vacuumed during cleaning, with the greatest benefit to our health. Other issues of superiority, convenience and reliability are related right to Disan products:

Perfect filtration: This is the concept we have patented for the domestic range and this is exclusive by Disan. The filtration performance is excellent even after several hours of vacuum: even the so called “self cleaning filters” didn’t reach the performance of our filters!

Size matters! The filter surface is the largest. Most of our competitors are equipped with filters <5000 cmq, this is a real constrain to airflow, not to imagine when their filter is dirty! We have filters for domestic purposes up to 19.500 cmq: the largest on the market.

High-end motor range: Disan is one of few manufacturers that didn’t surrender to low cost and low reliability motors, using Ametek Lamb USA for residential, small Domel motors for condos and Siemens on the commercial range.


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